Friday, May 20, 2011

Convo with Carling

I think we can all agree that some of our best moments in life (especially when we're away from friends and loved ones) is sharing epic tails and conversations that make one another laugh so hard we just might pee ourselves. The other moments are when you hear the coment, it just makes you smile and want to give them a hug and say, "That is exactly why I love you!"

So as I talked with dearest Carling on the phone tonight, some of the amazing things we said...

.::While cleaning the apt::.
"Very few things make me happier than when my apt is clean. I want it so clean it looks like I'm moving out."

.::Leering over  a spider in the window sill pondering if she should kill it or run away::.
"Britt, where do these spiders come from?! do they just appear!? And then they climb on your ceiling and crazy places!"

.::Getting around to washing the items we eat off of::.
"Wheres my apron? I should be wearing my apron! Its a sign I need to cook more."

.::Discussing work::.
"Brittany, I feel like I want to be retired."

Okay, Maybe you didn't laugh as hard as I did, but this one goes out to Ling Ling tonight!

<3 u!


.::The Weird Perky Guy::.
"Britt, he said he looks forward to 'meating' me. Like M-E-A-T... Does that mean he wants to eat me??" "No, Carling, its a beef jerky company."
"OMG! Britt you are SO SMART!! What would I do without youhahahahahaha?"

.::After not finding a place to plug in her lights::.
"Britt... Do you think I could still return these lights even after I've like used them, and i pretty much shredded the box?"
"Hahahahahahahahhahaha  no......"

.::Reading a job description::.
C: "......walkin in between buildings..."
B: "Carling, they didn't say being able to walk between buildings is a quality, its a requirement. They're not going to hire you because you like walking in between buildings...."
C: "must be highly organized...  uhhhmmm I like walking..."

.::Reading more job descriptions::.
"There are some things in life you can't pretend....
Brittany, I can't pretend to cook!"

"I don't know how to fax, they'd have to teach me...   I think you just punch the number...."

.::A Personal assistant for  3 guys in their mid-20s::.
"Carling why would you offer to cook and clean for these guys when you don't even do your own house?"
"Because I'd get to be outsideeeeee"
"Carling, no. These guys do not live outside. They live inside. You cannot clean the inside of someone's house from outside!"

.::Working for Perky Jerky waiving, come eat the meat!!!!::.
"Brittany, I feel like your judging my California life."
"No just the jobs you want to work"
"Ha Is it sad that I went to college and this is all I want to do with my life?"

.::While searching on craigslist::.
"...I want to buy your shredder... Paper shredder..."

"You know what I want? Well, I want a lot of things, but I don't think that's too much to ask!"

.::99% sure she's buying an iphone 5::.
B: So are you gonna get the 5?
C: Uhmmm.. I think? Im not sure... like I haven't gone in and checked it out, but I'm like 99% sure I'm going to get it.
B: uhm, Carling, I'm not sure if you're good with statistics, but... thats like a "yes"

B: "I feel like people use YOLO as an excuse to get drunk, smoke weed, have sex, abort their children, and stick gum on the wall. YOLO."

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