Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Workplace Debacles

In an office we explore our options when disagreeing with one another...

Option 1) 
.::The Silent Dispute::.
This means we do our work the way we feel is correct. As the project comes to an end, the differences are so great everyone in the room must stop what they are doing, and redo the entire enterprise until its complete and in unison.
Everyone experiences deep feelings of angst and provocation.

Option 2) 
.::A Tradtional Dispute::.
This is when a disagreement is arising and the people who are dedicated to the topic try to resolve this altercation by screaming at each other from across the room.
The spat may result in tears by either or both parties.

Option 3) 
.::The Virtual Vendetta::.
Instead of remaining silent or voicing thoughts in a tumulous, cacophonous manner, we may choose a more classy and subtle approach. It occurs by dismissing one anothers feelings, activities, and values via email. Although the distance between subject A and subject B may only be from 3ft to 20 ft, moments are presented in which typing out aggressions in a manner to be sinister and effective. This type of quarrel typically brings out feelings of irritation, disbelief, and amusement.

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