Saturday, June 4, 2011

Never Ceasing Excitement

So I've been awake 1 hr and 11 minutes and you would think I had my day in!  I wake up and clean up, make my face feel all fresh with my MaryKay, take my vitamins, grab a banana, and set out on my trek to the main office. 

10 steps into my walk I pass the construction crew who has been using large machinery (meaning VERY LOUD NOISES) since probably 7 this morning. I holler at them for waking me up, only followed by a quick "I'm just kidding *giggle giggle*" (Dad's call really woke me up) and the one hollers back "Why didn't you bring us some coffee and donuts?!" HA! I'm pretty sure this would be a morning that I bask in my own selfishness and was thinking, "Why would I bring you coffee if I haven't even had one myself?!?!" But I savored my words.

Did you know yesterday was national Donut Day?  Well guess who missed the memo?  THIS GIRL!
I'll let you guess who informed me of this... yup! Construction guy!

I continue my journey and arrive at the office. Chat for a moment and get my business done. This chic is ready for summer, kids, she's got her pooooooooooool pass! :)  YEEEEEAAAAA

I walk back nearly unnoticed by the crew and sneak upstairs. 

Then I hear them. The far away minuscule cries! I listen closer and search the apt. The I realize who it is. I run to the back porch and my Gladiolas are yelling "FEED ME! FEED ME! FEED ME!" So I fill up the Brita and feed them. 

Yes, I give my plants filtered water. 
They appreciate it. Or maybe they don't BECAUSE THEY STILL HAVE NOT BLOOMED A BUD! One day....

I then refresh Beamers food dish and give him new treats then decide to get dressed.

Then I hear another odd sound and the cat comes running into the bedroom.

Now I have no idea what the sound was, but I sneak into the living room and peak around the corner of my stairs as if mission impossible were my fantasy annnnnnndddddd, theres nothing there. But I do look across the room and see cat barf all over the dining room floor.... AHHHHH My life.

Maybe he didn't like the new treats? Maybe he just had too much fur clogged down his drain? Maybe he just caught the 1 hr flu? I can't tell ya. I just can't tell ya...

What I can tell ya is I can't wait for this cat food to be gone because he's barfed more times than I can comprehend since I bought the 9 pound bag!!!   Why did I let anyone talk me into buying a 9 pound bag of cat food?! I have one cat! Never again my friends.

Well I grab the cleaning supplies like a routine and begin the process of removing orange furry splat spots from my carpet and continue to think the same thoughts as I always do when cleaning cat barf.

It begins like this...

"Why doesn't he ever barf in his litter box? Or even near his litter box? Can you train a cat to barf in a litter box? I know what this is doing... I hear mom laughing now. This is preparing me for motherhood. Now I understand when I hear my mom saying 'what did I do wrong to deserve this?!?!' and Why does this have to be orange?!? This is teaching me patience. I don't know if I could ever keep a child alive. If they barf half as much as my cat I may just invest in a barf bag necklace for my child... hmmm there is an idea.... a barf bag necklace!!! and WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE ORANGE?!?!"

I was going to break that up, but it really was all one thought. Now as I lay here and let the chemicals that remove odor and orange flavoring soak into the carpet, I think what a great day today is! Off to the races! :)


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