Thursday, April 21, 2011

Enjoyably Eventful

So this morning I found myself sitting at my desk again wondering what was going to upset me today. Hmmm... actually nothing really did. I didn't find out anyone else got fired (like Monday), the guy a few cubicles down from me didn't make me cry (like Tuesday) and I had lunch with my 2 work friends. "GOOD STUFF!"

But I must agree with my dear friend Jen, that we need a community bin of hot chocolate for the grumpy pants of our work group. I will believe what is said that hot chocolate puts those wearing grumpy pants in a better mood.

You know what puts me in a better mood?

Mary Kay.

I had my party tonight with Megan and Eleanor. It was our launch party and we invited all these people and had tons of food (which my amazing mother spent all day making) and a beautiful community center to place it and of course I was running late to get home from work (darn construction ALL OVER Tunkhannok!!) and I get inside the building, set up tables and chairs, run back to my apt, shower, change throw on my Mary Kay, run back down to the building seeing now I'm already 15 minutes late to my own party AAANNNNDDDD 1 person is sitting at the table. Yup, 1, person. We had 17 RSVP and 1 is sitting at the table. Awesome for me, not awesome for Megan.

Long story short, more people showed (not all), we ate, did facials and were merry.

As I wrap up the evening I can only be thankful.

I look up and see my bouquet of flowers from Alicia's (my best friend) wedding this past weekend. I still can't believe she is married, Yay for her! Then I hear Mom rustling papers in the other room, I see a light on in the living room from where Lexi is sleeping and all I can be is thankful.

I watched my BFF get married, my Mom and sister are visiting, I had a great Mary Kay party and a few minutes to just relax and play Josylnn.

Now that is the Beauty of living.


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