Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh I've Missed You

Dear Starbucks,

I've missed you greatly. I feel I abandoned our relationship as soon as was no longer in need of your WiFi offerings. I know. I led you on to believe my love for you was much deeper when really I just used you for what you were good for:
Caffeine kicks
A good place to get away

I am still dedicated to you in a way, though. I cannot see myself going anywhere else and drinking their coffee and using their Internet and still have the same feelings I feel for you. My love for you has never changed, just life changed.

But do not worry about me. This life change I had was for the better! Partly due to our several months we spent together and mainly due to the grace of God, I can say I am different this January. I am a different person. I'm not as lost as I was. I'm not as discontent. I'm not dreading and questioning this year like I was last.

I may not visit you as often, but I promise when I visit we will still have this quality time together.

I thank you for your commitment to me, even when I am not as comitted to you. I will enjoy our time of reunion today, and until next time...


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