Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Adventure? Yes, please!

Can you believe I'm writing twice in one week(ish)?!?
Well blink twice my friends and then a few more, it just happened!

I can't continue my day without sharing how GREAT our God is!

I don't even know how to explain or where to start, but He's just amazing (period)

First things first, I'm going to Seattle! CANNOT wait, always wanted to go. Got approval from one boss, yay. Then the second, yay. Then went to book, wouldn't work, boo!
Ticket was still cheap the next day so I waited and booked that night. $45 cheaper than the previous three weeks I watched it!

Woot! Woot!

Now drudgingly knowing I had to eventually book a return ticket, I waited. Those prices dropped too!

Round trip to Seattle is UNDER $300, my friends! And that is from MY airport, not the major ones that are all 2 hours away! Woot Woot again!

So I booked it the return trip [sad face], yesterday morning.

Then early afternoon, my lovely friend, Miss Lauren, ask if I hadn't already booked my return trip home. She had a proposal for an insane idea that I enjoyed very much!! And it would result in me NOT flying back to PA, which made me jump in gleeful elation inside (I couldn't do it on the outside because I feared Steph would think I was having a medical episode of some sort)!

We weigh our options back and forth and decide texting is getting us nowhere. Oh the beauty of trying to hold an important conversation via twittling little fingers.

[Need to stop here, must get back to work, will fill in more later...]



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