Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh tis life an endless and joyous adventure

Woop Woop it's posting time!
So a couple weeks ago, I kind of left you hanging... ermmm sorry about that. I'll get back to that if I feel I haven't written a book about other things in the meantime.

I've just reread alot of the posts I've done within the last 6 months and I feel my readers (assuming there are lots and lots and lots) are owed an explanations as to what all God has been doing.

First and foremost. Mrs B.
Miracle. I don't have any other word for it, but undoubtedly a miracle.
God had heard my cry and the cries of many others and healed my dear friend.

Kenya. I went. I can't really talk about it though. Not because I don't want to, but I don't really have the words in me to explain Kenya. But it was __________. I told you, I don't have any words for what Kenya was to me.

Pastor. I lost a dear friend in February. A mentor. A fighter. A man that made it very clear what sacrificing ourselves daily really was. Blessed is the only word I know that describes how I feel to have had him in my life.

Work. Lots of changes already this year, but I'm having fewer and fewer anxiety attacks!!! YAY!

Church drama. AMAZING!!! I went from a non-speaking role to getting a mic! But most importantly, I was blessed beyond comprehension to see God move first handedly.

Study. I. Love. My. Bible. Study. Group.
i.e. I love my friends here in PA :)

Mall of America. I went on a 30hr road trip with Matty over Christmas - SOOOO FUN!!

Gideons. I love that my dad is a Gideon.

Karate. Guess whos a brown belt now. I've been waiting for that moment for nearly 10 years. I cried. I absolutely loved it. It was worth the wait to feel the accomplishment I felt that night.

Rhode Island. This was BIG. Seeing as I'm a person who doesn't let people help me, who doesn't ask for help, let me tell you about humility! It was so awesome! I think being rescued from a chasm will remain in the top 3 amazing things I'll do this year!

BBCS field trip. Got to see my lil sister by surprise last night. SO AMAZING! God is good :) and I love her alot!

I turned 25 in Jan. An age I never saw myself being, but lemme tell ya, its not bad... weird... but not bad. And I made mini donuts hehe

Youth. I love my youth group. I love every single one of the kids that I have been so unbelievably blessed to have in my life. So so so blessed.

Road TRIP!!!
Going to Seattle next month. Then to San Fran. Then driving back across the country. Just saying :)

On that. I end this post. <3 and peace tonight people!


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