Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Does this make me an adult??

So every year around this time since I was a cute little tyke my mom would ask me what I wanted for Christmas. When I was a kid I wanted the new cool Barbie stuff. When I was older I wanted the things my friends had. In high school I wanted CDs and shopping sprees. College I didn't want anything... And if I did it was my next quarter's books, and some food.

Now that I am an "adult" and living on my own I begin making a list of all the things i need, but am too cheap to buy. I finally broke down and bought my own blender. But for a little while i was scoring big because my mom hated all my kitchen supplies. In less than a week i got a new can opener, mixer, a knife, and a few pampered chef items that Christmas! I'm thinking next time she visits I'll hide all the good supplies and have her make dinner! *wink* *wink*

So these last few weeks I've been spending time thinking about the question that will soon be posed. And once I actually admitted to myself out loud what it is I wanted this year... I've come to the conclusion that I'm officially old an boring. It finally happened my 25th Christmas.

So I call my my mom tonight and tell her my conclusion... I said Mom, I've been thinking what I wanted and I decided I want a/an:

• Electric blanket
• Shower head that removes chlorine
• Otterbox iPhone case

What normal person asks for these things?!? Out of the three only one is a novelty item!!
She laughed and laughed. I concluded our conversation with: "I do really like the iTunes gift cards too!! Those are a really great gift!!"

.::A Far Off Britt::.


  1. normal people ask for things they want. so if you want those things it is normal :)

  2. I'm glad I read this before I came out this weekend. If I am asked to cook something then with items I can't stand, I will know what you are up to. *wink* *wink*
    Love ya!