Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Dawn's Song

At least a half dozen birds are singing a different lullaby. One has the monotone cottle that rings every thirty seconds. Another has a continuous, "whehrty, whehrty, whehrty" singing in sets of three. Echoing the rhythm with a couple of seconds between each pattern. The next one has the higher pitch, hollow, drawn out slwhoop you get from a candy whistle, followed by a set of 8 "chehrp"s of the same higher tone. Meanwhile Audi is purring loudly near the back of my head, then by my face. Now he is resting at my chest; close enough to hear my heartbeat. I rub the back of his neck and all down his spine as I continue to pick out the different voices singing this mornings lullaby.

A part of me wants to continue where my dream left off and another part of me wants to fully wake up to appreciate this moment of audionautical beauty.

.::A Far Off Britt::.

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