Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The things I love

Henry Van Dyke said this:

"Be glad of life, because it gives you the chance to love, to work, to play, and to look up at the stars." 

I love every bit of this. His words couldn't be more true. We have so much in this world we despise, but look at the richness of life those who love to love possess.

I am rich, and I want to be richer. I love being full of life, but there are moments I don't feel full enough. Tonight I feel full, though. A deep part of me still wants to be sad or grumpy because vacation is over. Because I'm not still in my favorite place. Because I'm not 24/7 surrounded by my sister or best friend. Because I have to sit at a desk instead of laying on the beach. But I'm not upset. 

Do I miss California? Absolutely. But its the daily grind that reminds me to be joyous and thankful.

I look at my chipped nail polish and think of the sandy beaches that all took their part in wearing it off.

I acknowledge my pile of dirty laundry and reminisce on the laughter that occurred while wearing each piece.

I see my tired eyes and smile brighter knowing I did not waste a single second.

My dead cell phone battery is owed thanks to the great friends still snapchatting me all day.

My injured foot shows me the patience and care of all those who were around me. 

Beamer and Audi won't leave me alone because they missed me so much.

Its the people here awaiting my return that make sharing my pictures and stories worthwhile.

And it was God's greatness and goodness that allowed me to have the most amazing trip.

How rich am I? Really? I'd say very.

.:: A Far Off Britt::.

Photos from the trip

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  1. You added so many pictures! I LOVE THEM. Beautiful post :)