Monday, August 12, 2013


My life has become almost like clockwork lately. The last several weeks I've been coming home and routinely popping a squat to recreate my resume and write an essay for Japan. So as I've been lately, I come home, change, make some tea, and stare at my computer until nearly 11. Around this time the kids begin to play. I love to stop and watch. I love both of them so much, but Beamer is my baby. Maybe its because he still likes to cuddle and Audi is the independent ficcanaso - which I love! Its amazing to think Audi is bigger than Beamer now, I remember thinking Beamer was huge!

As they run and play I secretly cringe because they are so LOUD and I fear the neighbors are going to eventually have enough of it. But I let them run, it can't be that bad. Its when I hear the hall go silent and Audi begin to shriek that I know Beamer has his leg. You see, Audi may be bigger, but he is a bit of a wimp. Too darn cute! I know Beamer enjoys it too. Almost as if saying, I may be old(er) but I can still pin you - which he does!

Well, tonight is no different, but instead they're running circles around my mirror propped against the wall. I see it bouncing, dancing, and somehow clinging to hang on without tipping towards the floor. If I were a good mom I'd go move it... Nahhhhh!! It'll be fine. 

.::a far off britt::.

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