Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I am a letter writer. Not so much a letter sender, but a writer. I see so much of the apostle Paul in my life, another letter writer. I write letters to people who may never know or see what has been put on a page just for them. In these letters I pour out my heart -letters of anger, appreciation, desperation, and forgiveness. I also write letters of concern and guidance, and some have absolutely no direction, but near the end, justify a means - much like chapters in my own life.

A goal of mine is to one day distribute all of these. These words need not be kept to myself, but shared. So much feeling, passion, tears, and laughter went into each one, all the way back to the genesis of being written.

If I found therapy, healing, and happiness in caressing out those words by ballpoint, then maybe, just maybe, those same emotions, healing, and happiness can be translated to others.

.::a far off britt::.

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