Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cats Out of the Bag

Not my cats... I don't usually put them in bags. Only when they're being bad - which happens. Or eating my shoes - which happens. Or endlessly walk back and forth across my face between 3 & 6 in the morning - which happens! Far more lately than I would prefer for that matter.

I don't really ever put my cats in bags, though. Okay, okay, I did try it once. For real, I did. Its okay, you can call me a bad mom. I've called myself that so many times that it won't hurt my feelings. Just don't call the SPCA on me yet, you haven't even heard my side of the story! Let's just say it turned out really crappy. Literally....crappy.

Okay fine, I know you're begging for it. Last November Dad and Uncle Mike came to rescue me and Baby (my late, yet revived Cavalier) so I could go home for Thanksgiving. Well I couldn't take both cats. Beamer is used to the drive and Audi was only a couple of months old, so Beamer won the rights to the holiday trip. Unable to reach my usual sitter, I called another friend last minute to take my tiny monster. Yes, this adorable one that used to

love being cuddled. I don't know what happened... he grew up? Anyways, I didn't have a cat carrier yet because I never needed one for Beamer. But I couldn't leave Audi free; he and Beamer weren't quite BFFs. So I had a small duffle that was LIKE a cat carrier with PLENTY of holes in it (came with ventilation for smelly clothes) that I put him in, leaving it unzipped. My friend was meeting us at the grocery store and I only needed to run in for <5 minutes to grab a snack for the trip. So I zip up the top (mind you, he CAN still breathe) and leave the kids in the truck (Dad and Uncle Mike were already inside). I quickly come back out and we open the door and smell something awful! Did I mention I'm a bad mom yet? I hear a kitten cry and see the duffle rolled off the seat and onto the truck floor. Again, did I mention I'm a REALLY bad mom? I quickly unzip the bag and find not only my terrified little monster, but he was so scared that he crapped himself inside the bag. Listen people, I already know, I'm a bad mom! If only you knew the story how I got him, you may give me one or two of those kudos back.

Just then my friend rolls up as we're rinsing off the poor fluff ball in the parking lot with the partially used water bottles we're finding in the truck. You can only imagine my friend's face. "She's leaving me with THAT?!" Quickly drying him with a not-too-dirty-rag dad finds in the bed, I try and find a way to shake the embarrassment as hand him over to my friend. All I can think is, "Maybe this is for the better." That, and, "PLEASE don't call the shelter on me!"

I come back 10 days later even more thankful that Audi still loved me! Did I mention he doesn't cuddle anymore?

Anyways, that wasn't what I was going to say... I was just letting everyone know that my application for Japan is in. A lot of people kind of know now, so I'm officially letting the cat out of the bag!


.::a far off britt::.

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