Thursday, October 10, 2013

25 Random Facts

25 things about ME?! Okay, here goes:
  1. I love spumoni ice cream.
  2. If I had all the money in the world I would use it share gifts. I love showing people in creative ways how much their friendships mean to me.
  3. I drove a red(favorite color) Cavalier (Baby) for 10 years.
  4. Fall is my favorite season. I love pumpkin everything!! Pumpkin food, buying pumpkins, naming pumpkins, and then carving pumpkins. I love the smells of the crisp changing leaves, wearing a scarf and boots, drinking steaming hot chai tea, my dark hair, walks to hear the leaves crunch beneath your feet, Honeycrisp apples, corn on the cob. So many reasons!
  5. I have 2 kitties - Beamer and Audi :)
  6. Photography is a dear passion of mine. I'd love to one day pursue it professionally.
  7. I think my ears look big.
  8. My finger nails are always peeling because I wash my dishes a lot!
  9. My closest friends in PA are 10 years younger than I.
  10. I'm too cheap to turn on the heat until nearly December (I type this currently bundled in a blanket). I think my kitchen is near 61 degrees during the day.
  11. I'm a black belt in Tang Soo Do. I started Karate when I was 7.
  12. I have a great smile, but it took pulling a lot of teeth, and two years of braces to earn it.
  13. I've been to 10% of the world - 39 states, 17 countries, and a few additional territories that are not constituted as countries.
  14. Several months after moving to PA, I would lie on my floor and cry out to God, begging him to send me just one friend. I was very lonely. 
  15. My friends call me "Hippie", ironically, I've never smoked weed, or done any drugs for that matter.
  16. I envy creative and successful people. To me it appears they really have their life together; even if it is in a sleepless, chaotic sort of way.
  17. I have a scar on my left elbow from crashing my bike into a pothole as a child. I remember being scared to death I'd have to get stitches. Cartoons sure made getting stitches seem scary! 
  18. I'm not scared of spiders.
  19. When I was a child i wanted to be a park ranger.
  20. I cried when I learned Brian Littrell was engaged.
  21. My parents have a beautiful marriage priviledging me of growing up under one roof with my siblings.
  22. Painting is my happy place.
  23. I had my first boyfriend when I was 15.
  24. My apartment must be clean before I take a trip.
  25. I applied for a job in Japan. I interview this Saturday.
You would think 25 things wouldn't be difficult to list, but when you're trying not to be redundant, its a different story. I have such a unique and wonderful life; my blessing are endless. So many more things to share with you. I am genuinely looking forward to these next 51 weeks. Not only to learn about you or discover things about myself I never knew, but embrace the possibilities of what can happen in just a year.

Share with me some facts about yourself! You can share, 5, 25, or 55!

.:: a far off britt::.

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