Thursday, October 17, 2013

Discussion: Best 3 Decisions Ever Made

As we grow into adults I feel we tend to spend a significant amount of our downtime in reflection. Sometimes we reflect on the good times, be it high school, college, or just the summers with our friends. We reflect on past relationships, good and bad, and all that came of them. Maybe even go as far as to wonder where that ex- may be, what they are doing, and perhaps who they're with. Sometimes we reflect on financial decisions we've made, as minute as the shirt you decided not to buy to the car in the used lot you drove by a hundred times.

Our lives have been full of decisions. They become such an active part of our day-to-day ability to function we forget we make so many in a single 24 hour span. As my fingers move across these keys I am mulling over what were the 3 best decisions I ever made. The decisions that paved the way of who I am this very day. So many fun ones pass through my mind like, "bought an iPhone" and "rescued my kitties". I even jumped out of an airplane, travelled the world, and went gluten free. But, none compare to these:

Decision #1

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior - Choosing Freedom.

I am who I am, because of the love and grace Christ has given me. I've tasted the life without Him as my lead, and it was awful. It was dramatic. It was mixed with more bad decisions than good. I was selfish and  miserable. I could relate to many others, but not the others I really wanted. I didn't like the words that fell out of my mouth as if the hinge in my jaw had lost its resistance. Although, that period of my life could have been much longer, I had enough. Life is still difficult, but I've never known such peace even in the midst of stressful moments. And then when life is stressful, because it always will be, I don't have to go through it alone. 

Decision #2

I moved to Pennsylvania - Chose Self Discovery.

I graduated from college the end of 2009, spending those final moments in Madrid to welcome in the new year. The 5 months that followed, I made no effort to do anything with my life. I drank lots of tea, ate lots apple yum yum, and crocheted 2 large blankets in an effort to stay out of trouble. Towards the end there, I can see where I was ready for a life change. And there it was. 

The moment Japan fell through my fingers, PA was in my face. The transition was hard. The job was no piece of cake. The friends were non-existant. I got lost everywhere I went. The list could go on, but in short I was eating a big piece of the LIFE PIE I had been wanting to taste for so long. I was beginning to think maybe my taste buds had changed in that moment. But I knew once I started, I couldn't quit. I couldn't just go back. I had to find out what my time in PA was supposed to mean. Well its meant a lot so far, but mainly its been a journey of self discovery.

Isn't it funny how you think you are a one type of person until your left all my your lonesome? Then you figure out who you really are and sometimes, its not as great as you wanted. That was my awakening, at least. I've been here just shy of 3 1/2 years, and not only have I discovered who I am, but I've been blessed so deeply to have the opportunity to change. To change who I am; who I want to be. I'm still changing, but I wouldn't take this decision back for anything.

Decision #3

Surfed - Facing Fears.

I know surfing doesn't seem as deep as the last two, but for me this was big. Ever since I'd touch the ocean, I wanted to surf. I loved riding into the shore on our boogie boards as a child. But I wanted to stand up, outstretch my arms to east and west and feel the wind on my face as the waves brought me to where the water no longer separated the sand from my feet. There was one problem. By the time I had the opportunity to surf, I had become terrified to panic of deep water. I'm talking water that is free, unpredictable, and your toes can no longer touch. I don't care if I can see the bottom or not. If I can't touch and the waves can carry me away to forever while the fish nibble at my appendages. Then no thank you! If there are any surfers reading this, you can see where my problem lies. 

There came a day, though. A day where my dreams were stronger than my fears. A day where before I could dwell on the depth of water ahead of me I was suiting up, waxing the board, and embracing my first lesson on the beach. Connor and Ashley were in my ear the whole way out. "Paddle, kick, paddle, kick, keep yourself centered..." the instructions were never ending, but more than anything I'm so glad I watched all those surfing movies. 

Letting my feet dangle I waited for my wave. Try after try I did everything I knew to do to get up on the board. Finally, I caught my wave. I paddled. Balanced on my knees. Planted one foot; then the other, and with all the strength my legs had in them I pushed myself up and rode that wave as far as it would carry me. Do I see fear deep water? Yes. But that day, I was infinite; and that was all I needed.

I'd love to hear from you!! Please post a comment or share your own stories!!

.:: a far off britt::.

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  1. Hi Britt! I don't know what my best decisions I've made is. I just wanted to say hello and for you to know that people read your blog. LOVE YOU!