Saturday, November 23, 2013

Discussion: Relationship with Parents

Describe your relationship with your parents. 

I have been extremely blessed. I really do have amazing parents, and as I've grown we've developed our relationship. As most kids growing up we love them, then get annoyed, then love them again, then get annoyed again. Then sometimes we begin to understand things we never did as a child and that is where my relationship with them now lies. 

Highschool I wanted to wear a miniskirt. That's when I was annoyed. Then I needed to search for colleges, so I loved them again. College I wanted to date boys. So, again, I was annoyed. Now I'm graduated, live on my own, take care of two critters and spend all my own money, and love them all over again. My perspective has drastically changed. I know mom appreciates this! She laughs at all the stories I tell of my daily, and even more when I start repeating phrases I heard her once say when I was a child.I could say it's age and maturity that's grown our relationship, but much is attributed to the fact I finally stopped fighting. 

As kids we feel we have all these secrets we can't tell our parents because they "wouldn't understand" and as adults we share a mutual feeling. Can't tell the kids because they "wouldn't understand..." But now we're that age where secrets are surfacing and we love each other all the more. It's the flavor and character of life added to the mix.
I love it! I love them! Mom is still so meek and shy, but so funny, yet tender. Dad is just darn right goofy, and loving, and hard working. The both are so amazing! My childhood was amazing. It wasn't because I had a Barbie magical motorhome or a super sweet tree house, but because no matter how much I saw my parents imperfections, they never stopped loving me 110%. 

I'm thankful for every moment I spend with them now. I never knew the quality of life could be so defined by the distance of 500 miles.

What about you?

.:: a far off Britt::.

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