Friday, July 22, 2011



So I'm home from work, hit up the pool, and now doing some chores before I make dinner and head off to the movies :)   Yay What a wonderful evening and a wonderful life God has blessed me with! I've missed Stacy!! She is such a sweet girl with a big heart! It's hard trying to keep in touch with people, but I know that in the midst of barely talking for months, I know she is there no matter what.

Weird!!! As I was typing that, the song on Pandora was singing, "you were always there..."  Well I guess it's just confirmation for Stacy that by always being there she is emanating the Holy Spirit manifested in her :)

Buuuuuut   my list of chores is this:

> Do last load of laundry [check]
> Gather and take out trash [check]
> Gather and take out recyclables [check]
> Sweet linoleum [check]
> Wash linoleum [check]
> Vacuum Carpet [check]
> Fold clean Laundry [check]
> Shower [check]
> Make dinner [check]

I think I can accomplish all that!

anddddd if I'm feeling really good for time:

> Give Beamer a bath
> Clean cat barf off floor
> Wash papazan coushin
> Sort clothes to take to Plato's tomorrow :) [check]
> Take clothes to Plato's tomorrow [check]

Nothing like a good long list! But I have 1 hour and 15 minutes to do it all!

There is something about having so much to do and yet being excited to do it all I feel is quite disturbing. I know I should be dreading this, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, elated that I finally have the energy... So in all reality, I'm just a mixed ball of confusion and energy and motivation!  Now I better stop writing b4 I find I change my objectives.

P.S. Thank goodness I gave up Facebook or I never would have even got that list out!!  I'll update you in a bit

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  1. I hope you got everything done Britt! I love keeping up with your blog. :) I love you!