Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Like a minor break up

Today I feel a little mixed...

It's my first full day without Facebook. I did well! I was a little twitchy at work, because when I want escape from what I'm doing for 20 seconds I'd see what my brother or carling "liked" or "wrote"...

Facebook itself even tantalized me for a minute. An update to my phone came through, and it was blank! What the heck!!! haha

but I survived! Even had a bit of encouragement from but dear ole friend Ndub, also known by many other wonderful names, but in my phone, he is Ndub!

I got some kudos for giving it up, but it was just nice talking to him. Its been waaaaay too long!

So I'm sure you're all curious as to what I did tonight with no Fbook in my life...

I tried running... but my legs were hurting...

So I showered, made dinner and am now going to Phil's to try and regroup the gang.

Again, its been waaaaaay too long!

Night! <3


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