Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Goodbye Time Waster

So I deactivated my Facebook account tonight.  

It actually makes me cringe saying that word.  <<::shudddddderrrssss::>>  I think from now on we need to refer to it as "the site which must not be named".
Okay so I may still be in Harry Potter mode from this past weekend, but what can I say? It's fitting…

The challenge is to see how long I can go without it! And then compare it to how much my productivity increases!

Lets see... Since the deactivation of the "site which must not be named" I:

>Did dishes
>Did 2 (almost 3) loads of laundry
>Organized my recipe holder
>Cleaned off the top of my fridge
>Changed my sheets
>Folded (and put away) towels (which have been in the drier 2 weeks)
>Skyped Carling (BIG SURPRISE)
>Made my bed
>Now going to bed!

WOW I am intrigued to see how much I can get done!!!

In the meantime, I need to:

>Begin apartment shopping
>Decide if I'm going to school in the fall
>Get my PA DL
>Become a certified Skydiver
>Shop for a new car
>Buy a camera
>Buy accessories for Holga
>Eliminate the word "buy" from my vocabulary
>Especially when it’s following the words "need to"
>Especially when it’s not a "need to" scenario!



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  1. I love this! I know you can do it Britt. I love you!