Sunday, July 24, 2011

Freedom of the 'Net Is No Longer

So I am thankful for my nice friend and dear neighbor Neha. It was because of her I have had Internet for the last few months. I sadly must say now, though, that is is no longer my neighbor. She landed a job in Boston and is moving in the next several days. This means I have to come up with alternate ways to get online. 

On a good note, I no longer use Facebook, so I don't have to stress about keeping up with that... (I'm telling ya it's like a breakup... I can't just seem to let it go, even though its done gone let me go and hasn't looked back hahaha) 

Really all I use the Internet for is skyping Carling and Jeremy, occasionally my family too, checking email, and writing in my blog.

So farewell, Internet. Perhaps I will catch up with you soon. 

<3 <3



  1. I'm sorry but I hate that you don't have the internet. I miss you so much! :(

  2. hey, how about google+??

    *evil laugh*