Friday, February 10, 2012

Life and Loss

If I've learned anything about life and loss, is if you have taken full advantage of accepting, knowing, and loving a person for everything that they are, everything that they weren't, and everything you didn't know. You never really lost. You gained, because whether you see them again here on earth or in the presence of Jesus, you win.

You always win. 

I have been so blessed that God has put some of the most AMAZING people on this earth in my life. He didn't just put them in my life, though. These are people I know, love and will cherish for all of eternity. People who know what sacrificing their life for others is really, truly about. I can only be thankful and continue to strive to live my life for Christ as they have, and hope, and pray I may one day be used as powerfully as they.

Thank you, Jesus. I am so undeserving of the life you have given me. 

But I'm thankful, so genuinely thankful.


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