Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Moment

Although I am working, I'm finding myself taking a moment here and there to take a sip of my coffee, close my eyes and bask in the goodness of the espresso flavor as it exits my mouth onto the next legs of its journey throughout my body. I have an inspiring tune in my ear and absorb the words and what they mean to me. I take a deep breathe and thank God that although I'm wishing I'm not sitting at a desk right now when the outside is as gorgeous as it is right now; I thank God that I am sitting at a desk because it means I have a job, inside, safe from the bearing heat that is about to come for the day; a job that I can take a break and go for a walk if I want,  or add a few minutes to my lunch. When my eyes are closed, I think about my what ifs and decisions yet to come, and say a prayer asking God to continue to give me clarity when its most needed.

I open my eyes and I'm back to work. So glad I allowed myself to take a moment.


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